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About Me/Us:

I have always had a fascination for shiny things probably helped by being in the RAF for twelve years as an aircraft Technician - imagine all of those white glove inspections !

So I felt that now was a good time to make use of this ! Life lessons and an enhanced skill-set coupled with an experienced engineering approach should assure everyone that there is always a 'high quality' approach to anything.

I took what was a fairly intensive introductory course in Gilding at Hawkwood College in Stroud in June 2011 which provided me with an insight to Water and Oil applications - I loved it.

Yes, I am new to gilding, carving, restoration and French polishing but we all have to start somewhere although I am apprenticed to a very experienced master French polisher.

This site provides visitors an insight into my developing skills in both water and oil gilding.

Although almost anything can be gilded I find that furniture, when sympathetically restored, can be made to look "smart" and "attractive".

We often come across a piece of indoor furniture or other household item that can be restored for reuse. Brought back to life for future wonder and enjoyment by you and the members of your household. Your previously loved items could easily escape the back of a cupboard, under oily rags in the garage, scrap yard or tip using imagination, application of some simple materials and a small amount of physical effort.

We shall take in your items for repair and we also endeavour to obtain pieces that can be found in the auctions, house clearance, second hand and charity shops which have potential for reuse and then re-sell them. The gallery will give you an idea of our work with a before/after condition and if you think that we may be able to bring your old item back into use, in whatever guise, please consider discussing it with us.

I am also embarking on increasing my skillset to carving - this forms part of the furniture repair process anyway but I want to take it a step further. Many ideas in my head to carve from reused wood and on occasion new wood - lime is difficult to find as a reusable material - unless I can be correctde and you know of a source that I can use.