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Home page introduction:

I have been progressing a portfolio(s) of work as this website will record.

I provide a service in gilding where required by customers and incorporate subtle 'smartness' to atefacts and décor to create an uniqueness for customers where appropriate without overpowering the original 'look'.

I also bring back into circulation for re-use those items of furniture that have potential to be revitalised, restored, re-stylised, resurrected from abandonment to bring joy to a new generation of people who appreciate the quality and style of a pleasurable environment and also as a contributor to saving some of the Earths' natural resources through re-cycling.

Other objectives include the use of traditional materials, finishes and processes wherever possible.

Charlie. (Updated Dec2018)

News, Announcements & Deals:

Jan 2019

Well - it is about time to update my activities since it is a New Year. This website has been updated to include some new items that I created/re-styled last year.

Items FOR SALE are indicated as appropriate - please make contact about a purchase and delivery arrangements.

Each item is bespoke - and is identified as an original change or creation using the 4reuse logo above or 'C4'