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  • Systems Engineering - Lessons Learnt.
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This report, not yet completed, will provide a summary of observations and insights whilst employed as a contractor to provide Systems Engineering related services to companies in the aerospace industry.
Written 'without prejudice' his report has been compiled to determine if lessons can be learnt from experience in respect of that which is described as ‘Systems Engineering’ (SE) and its activities. ‘Lessons to be learnt’ is one of the most important aspects of SE and should be practiced by all Systems Engineers at all levels in any industry. In many projects a ‘Lessons Learned’ database/spreadsheet was created and in most cases a set of process to maintain it and the role to which it should be responsible did not occur such that it was not properly managed as it had no perceived value, in the short term. So, when it came to the end of the project lessons that had been learnt were not recorded for future consideration ! That is why parts of the wheel keep on getting invented ! …….. This file will be attached when it is completed - if you would like to discuss/include your experiences then please get in touch with us ... VCSL