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I set up V-Cycle Solutions Ltd after I was 'thrown back into the ring' since having been actively trying to get a small farm up and running in beautiful West Wales where I left a slice of my heart.

The company name comes from what some also call 'V-Model' but I could not use that name as it was already taken. Simply put the name relates to 'product lifecycle' and the events to which is required to be performed in order to reduce time to manufacture/deployment, incurred costs in the design/development/production and effect on product quality. Reduced time, cost and increased quality are the overriding goals of any organisation that produces a pyhisical product or service.

I decided that being a contractor instead of permanent staff could have its rewards but also risks - just wished to experience it. Those rewards have been in the challenge of delivery [to cost, time and quality]. The risks, thus far, have been manageable but what is important is to have a good reputation in the industry to which you contract your skills.

The service on offer is one that closely relates to the activities of 'product lifecycle' and the rules to which I prefer to apply are those which have been documented by INCoSE which are being adopted by more and more engineering companies domestic and international.

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