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Designs (combined)

Designs (combined):

The following items have been designed and built by 4Reuse - click 'Item' image for additional image(s).

Those items which been sold/gifted can be re-produced with a change to continue the style but to provide you with uniqueness, as required.

Item Name


Item Work performed Sale Price.



Letter Rack

Modern, Copper theme.

Use of old copper piping and offcuts of pine and teak Making this item unique.

Gifted item.

27x8x23 cm


'Fractured Faith'

This cross was created out of a broken ash 'stay' from the third bell in the ring of eight bells at St. Lawrence Church, Barnwood, Gloucester (2014). The ash stay was cracked from stress incurred by mishandling the bell during ringing. 
Evidence of the crack has been kept as a reminder of how fractured our faith in Christ can be. The copper leaf represents the nails of the Cross. The gold leaf represents the 'light' and the heart of Christ.

Gifted to the Church

20x1x24 inches


Healing Hands

Ash wood coated with acrylic blue and gold leaf at ends of arms.


8x3x14 inches
Cross Purity of Peace The purity of Peacein the Cross


9x3x14 inches
Carving A landed teardrop A miniature carving in oak


3x5 inches
Cross Golden Cross A water gilded ash Cross

Nearly completed.


8x2x14 inches
Cross Winged Cross Wall mounted. Made from wood used as window frames before replaced by uPVC. Gold leaf used for the halo. Finished in french polish and a coating of wax.


15x2x25 inches