Welcome to this site which is a portal for my main interest and hobby of Church bell ringing (English style) which allows me to communicate any tips that may be useful to beginners as I become a more experienced ringer.

I ring with much more accomplished, talented and respected ringers than myself who, on the whole, have been very warming to those, like me, wish to increase their skills in ringing. However this is not always the case and this becomes a detriment to anyone's progress - I have experienced this myself finding it hard to get across any intitiatives to change the mindset for the excuse of "we've always done it this way" which can be very restrictive to the development of people new to ringing.

When I started ringing, in 1989, I was very fortunate to have had extremely good handling instruction especially from Dave Pobjoy, former tower captain of Barnwood and Minchinhampton (G and B D A). This was an excellent foundation for me to evolve and the basis on which I have taught some others at the start of their ringing experience. There are some that have inspired and still inspire me; thank you for your patience and dedication.

In the near future I would like to attach some video of common mistakes made in the handling of bells as many of us have seen and experienced for ourselves. Bad habits which can become a disabling feature for good handling of Church bells of any size or installation condition.

I would like to collect any ringing related poems that you may have written or know of any worthy for inclusion into a collection - please send them to me so that I can include them in this website (with your permission).