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Promotional phrases for bell ringers and bellringing:
Ref: "{Phrase}" Explanation
1 That'll make a change.  
2 Nice change.  
3 It comes round in the end.  
4 A double, please Bob.  
5 The wheel of change.  
6 A change is as good as it sounds.  
7 Four weddings and a funeral - when you need us.  
8 There's a method in my madness.  
9 Go in, take hold, hand stroke, back stroke, dodge, make places, snap, go out, and lie - not KARATE no - just your local Church Bell Ringers !  
10 Thrown back into the ring.  
11 Knocking ten bells out of it.  
12 I'll be ringing soon.  
13 That rings a bell.  
14 We'll show you the ropes.  
15 Goes like the clapper.  
Teaching ringing - streaming video.

Streaming video and audio is required and the conductor can call a method/ help with teaching beyond basic handling from anywhere in the World - anyone tried this ?

Imagine the public response to bell ringing if we embraced technology further.

Live coverage of ringing in all the Cathedrals.

The number of people that are highly inquisitive about "what is going on up there" whilst ringing can be heard should be better exploited. Public that are not able to be in the ringing chamber could see live ringing via a monitor without interfering with the ringers. The Cathedrals could be the first to provide facilities if possible.

Ringing mascot - promotional character - logo - gimmick.

Bell ringing needs a gimmick ! Marketing techniques increasingly include the use of mascots/ characters in terms of promoting a product or service.

Any ideas for bellringing - how about the Barn Owl recently in the news for its increasing rarity - if we do not publicise ringing like the Owl, ringers will become rarer too .... !

Mini-rings on cruise liners.

Bell ring could be promoted whilst on a cruise - mobile unit taken on -board and used

as a teaching aid by ringers who are on the cruise - part paid trip might provide an incentive - what do you think ??.

Educational / training videos on long haul flights.

In-Flight-Entertainment media storage could easily accomodate a series of inspirational and instructional bell ringing related videos for passengers who would like to use the journey to learn or gain insight into something different. A library of instructional videos could be accessed as you would today but with a new category for learning new skills.

There is a ringing video directed by a fellow bellringer, George Perrin, which I think is highly suitable - look for yourself.

Recognised status for experienced ringers.

This does not yet apply to me!! I do know some ringers that would be suitable for recognition.

There is a need to recognise the efforts and expertise provided by the more experienced ringers amongst us. I propose that a title is introduced into the ringing fraternity that represents merit of attainment. This should be given in consideration their own level of expertise, training and the promotion of ringing whether local or national.

The ringing organisation(s) has 'positions', namely 'Chairman', Ringing Master, Tower Captain, Secretary, ... etc. But I suggest that anyone who has achieved a standard of ringing to a level identified by the Central Council (CCCBR) should be given a title and it should be recorded by the CCCBR as a form of thanks for those that dedicate a huge amount of their own resources to keep church bell ringing and/or handbell ringing a national skill.

Suggest that qualification for any title should be at the discretion of the CCCBR but that it should be supported by a named badge so that other ringers can recognise a valued ringer.

Perhaps though the title could be one that indicates that a ringer has become a 'Master' of the skill. Any suggestions ??