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Upton St Leonards ('USL') Church Bell Ringers.

Welcome to the Upton St Leonards ('USL') Bellringers page where information about the practice schedule, progress and quality of ringing and other ringing activities can be viewed.

Training Week Initiative(s)

2019 - 19-23 August:

Summary of week’s event:
Quite successful for the first attempt to bring people to the Church and experience bell ringing and brass instruments: with potential to become a more rounded experience of music and sound in the future. There is always room for improvement of presentation but on the whole the approach seemed to work well for the two activities on this occasion - lessons learnt can be useful for other similar [annual] events including Church ‘open days’.
The week that the event took place was about right - i.e. towards the end of the school holidays ( at a possible time when parents may be running out of ideas to entertain children but at a time before the older adults (mainly retired and childfree) go on their holidays. event could be organised to occur each year but with an expanded theme around music and sound - introduce singing and have more brass band representatives - other instruments too - however this may require dividing the Church into zones that may interfere with each other - Sarah proposed that we could have additional sessions in a ‘schedule of events’ to accommodate this - all of this requires further discussion.
Event Marketing and media:
Schools (children over 9 years) could be encouraged further to market the event especially with the parents before the breaking up for Summer holidays - more posters in the upper schools - ideas to be discussed. Also, a large banner outside the Church on the entrance(s) - artwork to be discussed once event theme has been improved/agreed.
Radio interview with Richard Atkins from BBC Gloucestershire about this event was a breeze and I would recommend using this opportunity again for any event in the Church calendar worthy of media coverage.
Success rate (returning visitors):
I would hope that we have been able to encourage local people to take up the next steps of learning to ring Church bells - 2 people may continue - but we can accommodate more. The brass band may have recruited two young people which will be excellent news. Time will tell but seeing a spark in the eyes of those genuinely interested has been most encouraging - however small a number.

Ringing for Service. (last updated 29 July 2018)

There is an Evening Service at 18H00 (BST) and 16h00 (GMT) every 3rd Sunday of each month

(refer to 'Events' page).

Because of numbers and ringing at Barnwood on Sunday mornings the Evening Service is the only time that we can currently ring at USL Parish Church for Service which does not clash with Barnwood’s monthly Evening Services (4th Sunday each month).
I, for the sake of the bells and bell ringing, would be very gratefu if you could come along to this (and any subsequent Services).

New ringers - Sept 2017 (updated 29 July 2018)

September 2017 was an extremely encouraging start to training local ringers. We started with 5 new ringers to teach. Alas, the number has fallen to 3 for the moment but those who have stuck at it have progressed very well indeed. We continue to co-ordinate and co-operate with the teaching teaching schedules of St Lawrence, Barnwood and its Tower Captain.

We continue to promote and market the benefits of Church bell ringing to the local residents of Upton St Leonards and hope that all the hard work will, one day, pay off and we end up with an enthusiastic group to cover all ringing events at this Church.

2017 ringing:

To ensure that consistency is created in terms of regularity of ringing - we have decided that from the beginning of February 2017 - USL ringing practices will be arranged to be re-established to take place EVERY Wednesday of each month (19H30-21H00) - please refer to the calendar on the 'Events' page for updates.

This will enable local residents to hear the bells more often and we hope that the regularity of church bell ringing will be a source of invitation to anyone wishing to become a ringer or to encorage 'returning' ringers and other association/branch members to come along.

For your information please read our 'Tower Objectives'.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice evenings in 2017 - and beyond.

Re-establishing the USL Ringing Practices.

There has been a re-organisation of the Upton St Leonards bell ringers. The handover is still in progress. Roger Fry the previous Tower Captain supported by his wife has now agreed for others to take responsibility for the tower and its bells.

A particularly wonderful sound produced by the eight bells having a 15cwt tenor in E.

We have established a need for a regular practice night to take place on the first Wednesday of each calendar month (19h30-21h00) from October 2016 until February 2017 (see next tab below).

New and returning ringers, to form a local band, will be most welcome for which supporting practice will take place at Barnwood, St Lawrence CofE nearby on each Friday evening 18H00 to 19H00.

Contact for the USL tower band has now changed to Charlie 07971 566 589 and the e-mail address in the footer, or, Jo on 01452 506480. Also use the linkto the 'Contact' page to leave a message/request.