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Tower objectives.

‘Progressing’ ringers at an intermediate stage - support from very experienced ringers is needed in support of other’s progress towards becoming more accomplished in current and future ringing standard:
Rhythm: Ringing pace.
a). Determine speed of the bells by varying interval between bells and agreeing on the rhythm of the USL bells - ONE rhythm for normal ringing (slower for funerals).
b). Record the rhythm in a [plain course] method and play back to ringers. Use the iPad with video. Video WILL NOT be placed on any public media but be given to ringers to review their style and control.
c). Listening to ‘your bell’ and adjusting to the rhythm.
d). Bell handling techniques to eliminate bad habits where hinderance is discovered to learning new methods where optimum bell control is required.

Coursing bells - looking for the bells that you follow and the bells that you have rung over starting with plain hunt - someone standing by ringer for realtime guidance in a simple method.
Emphasis on getting to know everyday basic methods for better intermediate 5-8 bell ringing (e.g. Grandsire, Plain Bob, Stedman, etc) depending on attendance numbers. This will be complimentary to Barnwood ringing training (Mondays and Fridays) methods.
Inviting everyone to have the chance to take control of the band, call plain courses ( or touches), and, adjust ringing to support other views, techniques and style of teaching/guidance. Ringers always encouraged to make suggestions.
Ring Devon call changes (for all) to effect a sense of team working to increase quality of ringing and conducting - with/without aids (e.g. changes on a board for the conductor)
Conductors of touches to brief the team before ringing about what calls and where who will be affected. Conductor also to make [calm] corrections to ringing standard where appropriate.
Ringing plain courses - move people onto different bells when appropriate for different starting positions and views of circle of ringers.
Continuance of elementary and advanced training day methods.
End session with a touch of method rung the same night.
Recruitment campaign for local people - Barnwood participating with practice nights. Deliver/insert into the Church magazine, further communcation via updates.
Teaching others to have confidence to teach/guide. This will be important when trying to recruit more [local] ringers - not fair to rely on just one or two capable ringers to be available to teach/guide.