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Practice Night Audio Files.

The following files are of methods rung where the ringers are aware that a recording is being made.

The idea of having recordings of at least one method, where all participating ringers are competent in the method, is to determine the standard of striking.

The files are correspondingly dated with the practice night on which the audio was recorded. The ringers will have been requested to note the bell that they were ringing so that when they play back the audio they may be able to determine the quality of their own striking relative to others in the team.

This recording activity has been utilised to try and encourage ringers to think more as a 'band of ringers' in terms of the quality of the striking in methods, or, in Call Changes.

I am positive that this exercise will provide another tool to help improve the quality of ringing across the Gloucester Branch.

Use VLC Media Player ( if you have problem opening using your own media player application.

Bob Triples 08 Feb 2017    
Bob Triples 08 Mar 2017    
Bob Doubles 22 Mar 2017    

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